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The Missing Link Puzzle

29.90 EUR

Limited Edition CryptoPuzzle   999 PIECES (+ ONE MISSING)


This limited edition CryptoPuzzle comes WITHOUT one randomly determined piece and is destined to drive even the most stoic crypto expert crazy. Instead of the intended 1000 pieces, you will only receive 999.

BUT: nothing is lost! In order to complete the puzzle and retrieve the misplaced genome, you just have to send photographic proof of its exact position within the otherwise completed assemblage – and we’ll immediately release your personal Missing Link from hostage – and send it directly to your fidgety hands.

Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin
999 piece puzzle + 1 held in ransom
Limited to 500
Comes with special DNA-bag, certificate, and a promise
Format: 33,5 x 23 x 5,5 cm
Binding: Crypto-box

Pictoplasma is a Berlin based project solely focussed on first class, international contemporary character design and art. Founded in 1999, Pictoplasma publishes high quality design compilations, DVDs and art editions, organizes annual festivals and conferences in Europe and the US, curates exhibitions and closely accompany the scene as it moves towards a completely new understanding of character.

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